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Welcome to the Norwich Building Safety Group, covering the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. The Norwich Building Safety Group was established around 1977. The Group is a non-profit making organisation whose main purpose is to provide Health, Safety and Welfare advice for members both on and off site.
The Group is a member of the Royal Society for the prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), HSE Direct, National Federation of Builders (NFB) and the East Anglia Construction Safety Group.
We currently have around 60 members who are looked after by Safety Advisers and a Group Manager. Membership of the Group is open to all construction companies throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. There is also a special Associate Membership for companies allied to the construction industry such as mechanical and electrical sub-contractors, roofing and flooring specialists etc.
Group Management
The day to day management of the group is carried out by the Group Manager. The Group is overseen by a Management Committee which meets on a regular basis. The Management Committee consists of volunteers from Member Companies.

The Group is affiliated to the Construction Confederation and are a preferred supplier of Health and Safety advice by the National Federation of Builders. We also have a strong relationship with the Health & Safety Executive and regularly receive the HSE Newsletter. Emails and periodic newsletters keep all Group members up to date on new legislation etc.